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Driver card/tachograph damaged during a transport – what to do?

What should you do if your tachograph malfunctions or your driver card is damaged during a transport job?   Emergency procedures   It seems obvious to many people that if the […]


What about that Mobility Package?

What is the Mobility Package? It is a set of regulation changes concerning things like: Requirements for the maximum daily and weekly driving time, minimum breaks and daily and weekly rest […]


What do you need the exact address for?

Although I have not been asked such a question yet, but you never know. Since we have already brought up the subject of goods dimensions and value, it is worth […]


Environmental Management System in a transport company

The PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard is aimed at supervising the impact a business has on the natural environment and, if possible, limiting any negative impact in this regard. How is this […]


And why would you need the size of goods?

This is the question I’ve heard many times. I think it goes with the question about the value of the goods. Dear Partner, we need the information about the dimensions […]


Can the weekly rest period be reduced twice in a row?

How to calculate the length of the weekly rest period correctly? When should it begin and in what instances can it be reduced? The problem of the weekly rest period […]


What builds quality in road transport?

Many carriers and forwarders, when answering a customer’s question “What is your quality?”, respond with “the best” and immediately add information about the new rolling stock, trained drivers, perhaps also […]



I have been observing the transport industry for over 13 years. Unfortunately, I have noticed that not only customer service quality, but also the basic rules of safety are insufficient […]


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