With us, transport is not a problem, but salvation

There are people behind every transport!

Competent, experienced and 100% committed to every order. It is thanks to our employees that we have been able to provide such professional transport services for 17 years.

How does our standard

of service look like?


Good organization of transport

We respond to every inquiry in 45 minutes or less. If we are not able to organize transport in such a short time, we inform about it and it is the customer who decides whether we should proceed. If the matter is urgent and we do not have a suitable vehicle, we direct the client to the competition, just to make sure the transport will be provided.

We carefully select carriers. We work only with those who have proven themselves and are able to properly secure the delivery – it is about appropriate insurance and reliability. We take care of full compliance with legal requirements and our quality standards.

Even unexpected situations do not surprise us – we will organize any transport quickly – without any quality compromises.


Up-to-date information

From the confirmation of the order, we will inform you about any changes of its status. At any given time, you will know what is happening with your transport and when to expect the delivery of your cargo. You don’t have to ask for anything.

Thanks to this, you do not have to waste time and nerves on making calls to ask THE question: what is happening with my transport? We are in constant contact with the driver, ready to react if something happens along the way.

Each piece of information is sent by a person – a personal supervisor of your shipment. They are available 24/7 until the cargo is delivered. You can contact them at any time – they will be happy to answer your questions.


Conducting everything to the end

Each of your shipments has the highest priority for us. What could go wrong? Everything, during transport the number of problems can be infinite, but we are watching over it all! We do not leave people “out in the cold”.

We complete each transport order when the delivery is on site and all documents are in order and handed over.

We are famous for efficiency and flexibility. We take full responsibility for your transport and we do everything to ensure that it arrives safely and on time.

Send your inquiry

and get it over with

We respond to every inquiry within 45 minutes. No query will remain unanswered. Write us and see for yourself!