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Although I have not been asked such a question yet, but you never know. Since we have already brought up the subject of goods dimensions and value, it is worth mentioning another information important for transport – addresses.


pick-up from: XX-XX Xxxxxx – drivers know this route because it is the so-called ‘stara jedynka’ (literally ‘the Old Number One’, i.e. national road 91).


Despite drivers’ vast experience, they probably do not know all the routes, not to mention the location of each company. As owners or employees, we spend a lot of time in our workplace. We drive to and from clients almost automatically. We are creatures of habit, but it is also worth recalling the first visit to a new place. We do not immediately find the way, we are not sure if this is the right address. That is why it is so important to provide complete information thanks to which the driver will easily find the place and will not call and ask for help.


What information should the address include? Definitely the postal code and city/town as well as the street name and its number. The name of the target company is particularly important if we are to find it in a logistics park or if there are several companies at one address. If the logistics operator is to conduct the loading or unloading, it is also important to provide the name of the company for which the transport is to be carried out.


Large industrial plants or logistics parks may have several entrance gates. The information which one to use is extremely useful and allows drivers not to waste time for searching. A description: “access from Wiązowa street, gate number 8” can be invaluable due to restrictions for heavy goods vehicles – both those regulated by law and those resulting from the density of development.


The plant’s working hours and even breaks allow optimal planning of the driver’s rest. If the person submitting the order does not have such information, they should give the phone number of the contact person at the place of loading or unloading.


If the driver is to get to the destination at the so-called FIX (i.e. at a fixed time), it is crucial to write the exact time and, optionally, to add that they should get there 30 minutes before the indicated time. I have encountered many situations in which the orderer planned a time window for, let’s say, 2:00 PM. They sent information indicating 1:00 PM to be sure that the carrier would be on time. While submitting this information to the driver, the freight forwarder indicated 12:00 PM for the same reasons. Then, the driver thoughtfully arrived an hour earlier, i.e. at 11:00 AM. We should provide accurate information with full descriptions, instead of assuming worst-case scenarios and making strange ploys.


As you can see, dear orderer, this information is necessary to carry out the whole transport order efficiently and smoothly, without wasting the driver’s precious time and interrupting you by asking questions about every last detail.

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