What does the fuel situation look like?

The opinion on fuel prices in Poland is rather the same for everyone – they are too high! But how do our prices look in comparison with fuel prices in other European countries?

First, let’s analyze the prices in Poland. The average gross price of diesel fuel in the first quarter was 1,16 EUR. This, unfortunately, means a large leap compared to previous years: first quarter of 2018 – 1,03 EUR, 2017 – 1,02 EUR.

Source: Author’s own development based on https://www.orlen.pl/PL/DlaBiznesu/HurtoweCenyPaliw/Strony/archiwum-cen.aspx?Fuel=ONEkodiesel&Year


The difference is therefore significant. What will the next quarter bring? Time will show, summer is ahead of us and next rises are probably inevitable. For the time being, the average is 1,18 EUR. We did not notice such a big difference here as in the case of the first quarter: 2018 – 1,13 EUR, 2017 – 0,98 EUR.

Source: Author’s own development based on https://www.orlen.pl/PL/DlaBiznesu/HurtoweCenyPaliw/Strony/archiwum-cen.aspx?Fuel=ONEkodiesel&Year


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Let’s see now what the fuel prices in Poland look like in the background of other European countries. Below is a list of average gross prices? of diesel fuel in 2018 in European countries.


Source: Author’s own development based on https://www.e-petrol.pl/notowania/rynki-zagraniczne/stacje-paliw-europa/on


It is not so bad. The average price in Poland? 1,12 EUR. In comparison with Norway, 1,63 EUR, one could say that we are a country flowing with fuel.

As you can see, however, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive country is more than 0,58 EUR, so the knowledge about current fuel prices in the countries where we plan to perform transport is essential because you can save a lot or lose a lot. The scale of possible savings is shown in the following examples.

For transports between Italy-France, it is worth refueling in France. The difference of 0,06 EUR per liter when refueling 1200 liters, gives a saving of 67,13 EUR. On a yearly basis and with a larger number of cars, the difference will probably be noticeable in the budget.

The same is true for courses to Scandinavia. Before a long course in Norway, it will be reasonable to refuel in Sweden. The difference is 0,12 EUR, with a refueling rate of 1200 liters, this will give savings of  134,26 EUR – twice as much.

Before going on tour, it is worth analyzing the current fuel prices in the countries where we will perform transport, because it can give huge savings.


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