Forwarders like simple cases. Loading address and date, unloading address and date, 13.6 m, 24t, rate. That is the whole idea.

Sometimes, however, questions from new clients happen, which are not so simple. They involve significantly more work, but final satisfaction from the completed project is worth it.

Here is an example:

The client sent us a request for pricing transport from Germany to Poland, for 175 pallets. There would be nothing difficult in it, if not for the fact that there was not even one standard pallet. The situation was even more complicated as the pallet dimension range was between 138×87 cm and 245×76 cm. The first step was to put pallets on available vehicles in the most effective way. The optimal arrangement of pallets and the verification of all calculations took us over four hours. We estimated a price for the entire project and presented an offer to our client.

It turned out that the client was satisfied with the offer and wished to let us implement the project, but he still had a few extra wishes to the order. The goods were purchased from the German manufacturer, they were to be loaded within two days. Afterwards, the goods were to be unloaded in the warehouse in Poland and reach the final recipient over three months, as installation works gather pace. Not reflecting on it for a long time, we started to tie up loose ends.

As the import of the goods was already organised, we started to prepare the warehouse. And the first complication arose. The goods were prepared for import according to the most effective layout on trailers. During unloading in our warehouse, the goods should have been picked by serial numbers and prepared for delivery in batches. The situation became even more difficult due to the fact that nobody had a checklist – which number is on a pallet of a given dimension. To solve the problem, we had to unload all pallets in the buffer warehouse, find proper ones, group and place them in the target warehouse according to the schedule. Three warehousemen, two forwarders and two representatives of the client coped with it within a day and a half.

We will organize any

transport in 45 minutes

or less

Our employee will quickly prepare a specific offer, and after its acceptance, they will personally ensure that nothing will prevent the delivery at the agreed time.

Unexpected orders do not surprise us because we are well-prepared.

Here we can boast about our creativity. Due to the dimension of pallets, it was theoretically impossible to store them in high storage warehouses. Competitive companies found that it would additionally increase the cost of storage as significant space would be occupied. We found that it was enough to think for a moment, and there was enough room for all the goods on racks, while meeting all health and safety rules. It could be done! How? It is our secret.

After three months, the last pallets left our warehouse. The project was successfully completed and the client was satisfied. At the moment, we can be proud of the successful implementation of two such projects and, as we know, the following projects are to appear.


If there’s a will, there’s a way!




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