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Driver card/tachograph damaged during a transport – what to do?

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What should you do if your tachograph malfunctions or your driver card is damaged during a transport job?   Emergency procedures   It seems obvious to many people that if the tachograph stops working it should be repaired immediately, and if the driver card cannot be logged in, then standard printouts should be made. Nonetheless, traffic controls and inspections at logistics companies clearly show that neither drivers nor entrepreneurs know how to properly document tachograph failures, damaged/stolen/lost driver cards and damaged record sheets. If the data which is missing from the tachograph, driver card…

What about that Mobility Package?

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What is the Mobility Package? It is a set of regulation changes concerning things like: Requirements for the maximum daily and weekly driving time, minimum breaks and daily and weekly rest periods; Posting drivers in the road transport sector; Practising the profession of road transport operator, as well as access to the international road transport market. Claims about how this Package being bound to destroy the transport market and our obligation to fight it with all our might – or face annihilation – have been surfacing for quite some time now….

What do you need the exact address for?

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Although I have not been asked such a question yet, but you never know. Since we have already brought up the subject of goods dimensions and value, it is worth mentioning another information important for transport – addresses.   pick-up from: XX-XX Xxxxxx – drivers know this route because it is the so-called ‘stara jedynka’ (literally ‘the Old Number One’, i.e. national road 91).   Despite drivers’ vast experience, they probably do not know all the routes, not to mention the location of each company. As owners or employees, we spend a lot…

napis iso 14001

Environmental Management System in a transport company

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The PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard is aimed at supervising the impact a business has on the natural environment and, if possible, limiting any negative impact in this regard. How is this standard implemented in a transport company? Firstly, it is necessary to determine the scope of the system’s implementation. The 8 points presented below describe the areas which require your attention: Identifying environmental aspects. Determining which legal and other requirements concern the specific environmental aspects. Determining vital environmental aspects. Designating operational control for vital environmental aspects. Implementing operational control. Relaying information on vital…

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Customer about us

  • We have been cooperating with Stan-Trans transport company for 8 years and we inform with pleasure that it is an exceptionally professional and committed partner we may always rely on. Our cooperation concerns management of transport of construction materials and modular houses. At the beginning of our collaboration we were assigned a coordinator, who responds to all our inquiries about domestic and international freight in a fast and professional manner.

  • The offers we receive are comprehensive and financially attractive. Another important aspect of our cooperation is flexibility of Stan-Trans company regarding deadlines. Both coordinators and drivers are very helpful in the whole process of transport organization and thanks to that our cooperation with Stan-Trans runs smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. We will certainly continue our collaboration and we may recommend to you Stan-Trans in all responsibility as a professional, effective and exceptionally committed partner.

  • Timeliness, expertise and, most of all, safety, are advantages of the company we experience in everyday cooperation. Highly-qualified staff characterized by commitment to cooperation and professional diligence allows us to face difficult challenges consisting in realization of intermodal transports. Proactive approach to potential problems is a guarantee you may count on while commencing your cooperation with STAN-TRANS company. We may recommend STAN-TRANS as a good and reliable partner offering a high level of services.

  • Employees of Stan-Trans display a high level of professionalism. As a client and a potential orderer of transport we quickly receive freight rates necessary for price estimations. Quotations are prepared very thoroughly. Employees of Stan-Trans always try to select the most suitable vehicle on the route we are interested in; they always offer to us advice, help and a good solutions.