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We are Stan-Trans!

Many years of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients, millions of kilometres covered -that is our hallmark.
Our company has its official seat in Cracow. We have been providing international and domestic transport services for thirteen years. We are characterized by commitment and passion which allowed us to employ more and more workers over time and open branches in Łódź and Gdańsk.


Dynamic development

The turnover generated in 2015 was an almost fifteen-fold increase as compared with the turnover recorded in the first year of our operation. The average number of shipments performed a month increased over the course of years, rendering more than six times’ growth with regard to figures from 2003 and 2013. Every year our company invests in its development in order to broaden the choice of fleet vehicles offered to our clients. In terms of global competition our strength are niche services, that is, transportation of hazardous or non-normative goods.

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Safely & on time

Safety and time are two most crucial factors in our work. We pay attention not only to the quality of the services we provide, but also to their punctuality. We hold Carrier’s Liability Insurance of EUR 500 000 for each event. If necessary, we also help in taking out additional CARGO insurance, which guarantees a refund of losses incurred as a result of the following damage: loss, reduction or damage of the shipment during transportation, loading or unloading caused by one or multiple unexpected events or events independent of the policyholder’s will. We engage qualified and experienced freight forwarders every time we perform our contractual obligations. They specialize in management of international transport and freight. As we give special priority to professionalism, each of our employees undergoes specialist trainings, which help them not only to get familiar with internal procedures applied in the company, but also to learn the secrets of the business etiquette or customer service. Our drivers also attend regular courses, what in turn allow us to increase safety during transportation.

Our fleet

All our vehicles are regularly serviced to maintain their good technical condition. They are equipped with GPS devices as well as: sets of safety strips, anti-slip mats and protective clothing for the driver.

You may have at your disposal:

  • commercial vehicles with payload of 1,5t-10t,
  • standard semi-trailers with payload of up to 24t,
  • mega semi-trailers,
  • spatial units,
  • spatial units with forklifts,
  • cold stores,
  • doppelstock-type cold stores,
  • isotherms,
  • jumbo semi-trailers,
  • dump trucks,
  • customized semi-trailers (adjusted to transportation of non-normative goods).
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year in which the company was established


monthly number of transports

10 000 000

kilometres covered by us

Quality policy

Operation of Stan-Trans is governed by the principles of the Quality Management System in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009. We make every effort to ensure satisfaction of our clients cooperating with us. We may perform that goal due to: constant examination of the needs of our potential customers, complete adherence to the instructions of our contractors, continuous development, maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System, which is familiar to and complied with by all our employees.

  • Constant examination of the Client's needs.
  • Continuous development of skills and competences of the staff.
  • Performance of services in accordance with the Client's requirements.
  • Maintenance and constant improvement of the Quality Management System.


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Customer about us

  • We have been cooperating with Stan-Trans transport company for 8 years and we inform with pleasure that it is an exceptionally professional and committed partner we may always rely on. Our cooperation concerns management of transport of construction materials and modular houses. At the beginning of our collaboration we were assigned a coordinator, who responds to all our inquiries about domestic and international freight in a fast and professional manner.

  • The offers we receive are comprehensive and financially attractive. Another important aspect of our cooperation is flexibility of Stan-Trans company regarding deadlines. Both coordinators and drivers are very helpful in the whole process of transport organization and thanks to that our cooperation with Stan-Trans runs smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. We will certainly continue our collaboration and we may recommend to you Stan-Trans in all responsibility as a professional, effective and exceptionally committed partner.

  • Timeliness, expertise and, most of all, safety, are advantages of the company we experience in everyday cooperation. Highly-qualified staff characterized by commitment to cooperation and professional diligence allows us to face difficult challenges consisting in realization of intermodal transports. Proactive approach to potential problems is a guarantee you may count on while commencing your cooperation with STAN-TRANS company. We may recommend STAN-TRANS as a good and reliable partner offering a high level of services.

  • Employees of Stan-Trans display a high level of professionalism. As a client and a potential orderer of transport we quickly receive freight rates necessary for price estimations. Quotations are prepared very thoroughly. Employees of Stan-Trans always try to select the most suitable vehicle on the route we are interested in; they always offer to us advice, help and a good solutions.